Is There a Difference Between Trade Show Shippers?

 In 2008 Greenway was created from the ground up to focus solely on trade show shipping. LTL carriers just were not cutting it, with their lackluster services we knew we needed to step in. We vetted local carriers, truckload services, and storage facilities that would provide you and your company with the best quality of service. We know trade shows require special handling and time sensitive pick ups and deliveries. We track and trace each shipment daily, up to five times per day, ensuring us the ability to catch small issues before they become big problems. We consider every customer a partner, which means we work together with you and you company to make every shipment a success.


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I have to say that I have only been doing the shipping part of this business for a little while now, but after the MANY mistakes I have seen shippers make in the past, this was handled the best! I don’t think I have ever worked with another shipper that I have witnessed going this far to help out me and my client! To sum it all up, thank you! Your quick responses and help made all of this run smoothly!

Andy, Project Manager

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It has been a pleasure to work with you. You seem to convey a clear and complete understanding of our shipping needs and your work ethic is excellent for both pre-delivery and post-delivery.

Barb, Director

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Always our pleasure. You guys do an excellent job for us! Thank you!

Steve, Shipping Super.

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We have partnered with Greenway for over 3 years and the level of professionalism they demonstrate, on a daily bases, is beyond compare. The team of people they have are very efficient, knowledgeable and they go that extra step when I get in a bind. I have used lots of other carriers in the past and they all drop the ball. Greenway Logistics has come through for me every time. In a changing world of International shipping, I depend on the team at Greenway and sleep well at night, knowing that they are handling the shipping logistics for my me. From shipping small package to full truck loads, I depend on Greenway.

Ric, Sales Manager

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My Greenway Team is the best; they are very competitive with their quotes and have spoiled me with their great customer service. I can always count on them even for last minute shipping. They work with me on tradeshow timing and then track my shipments. Since switching to Greenway several years ago for our tradeshow shipping they have never let me down. If you get the opportunity to work with Becky you are in good hands, would definitely recommend for your shipping needs.

John, National Sales Manager

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Interested in looking to reduce costs between shows? We offer storage locations across the country for cost effective solutions.

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Specialized Ground Shipping

Whether your shipping direct to a show or an advanced warehouse. We have the solutions for your materials to arrive safely and on time.

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Show to Show Shipping

Sending the same materials to every show? Let us save you some money on a few shipments back to
your office/warehouse and move show to show.

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